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Espresso Shaker Cabinets

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Repetition is what differentiates Shaker craftsmanship from other cabinetry. Built-in cabinets, like the Espresso Shaker Cabinets pictured here, have an orderly appearance. Today, many modern kitchens have lines of big drawers in Shaker style, which look fantastic with most kitchen decors. 
From industrial to modernistic to rustic, the recessed Shaker panel provides many possibilities. At the center of the Shaker culture were the concepts of pride, practicality, and simplicity, which resonates fiercely in their distinctive furniture. The solidity and synchronization that these Espresso Shaker Cabinets emit, makes them a traditional yet efficient choice for today’s kitchen cabinetry profiles. 
Authentic Shaker cabinetry can appear quite banal due to its quadrangle shape, and the frame and panel profile, also called rail and stile construction. Numerous variants of the original design have manifested since the 1800s, when the Shaker kinship was exceedingly popular. In bigger units, panels are separated into one or more segments by utilizing pieces called muntins, mid-stiles, or mid-rails 
By selecting the best quality wood, like the maple wood Espresso Shaker Cabinets here, the Shaker craftsperson could concentrate on the purpose of the design and allow the timber to naturally release its beauty. 
Espresso Shaker Maple cabinets are truly stunning, in a simple, yet commanding way. The color is deeply rich, while the design requires nothing more than perfect craftsmanship to reveal its simplistic beauty. In fact, these very Shaker cabinets are quite popular in recently built homes and for homeowners who prefer to change the traditional décor of their kitchen to something more up-to-date. 
The Shaker profile is not extremely expensive, making them easily affordable for most homeowners. Moreover, the Espresso Shaker cabinets made from maple wood are an aesthetic complement to any kitchen design. Though solid timbers will cost more than MDF and Thermofoil, for a classic interior décor design like Shaker cabinetry, only genuine wood will do. A simple kitchen décor with such beautiful cabinetry is bound to last for a lifetime due to the Shaker’s exquisiteness, simplistic design, and practicality.

*All maple wood 3/4th doors, drawers, and frames
*5/8" A-grade plywood box construction
*Same finish interior & exterior
*Dove tail, all wood full extension drawers
*CAM lock assemble system
*Full depth 5/8" thick wall & base shelves
*Concealed 6-way adjustable soft closing hinges
*Under-mount soft close drawer slides (vanities come side mount regular glid)
*Roll out trays for base cabinets are available

Base Cabinets 9 to 21" 
Base Corner Lazy Susan Cabinet 33 to 36"
Drawer Base Cabinets 9 to 30"
Wall Cabinets 9 to 21"
Wall Cabinets 24 to 36"
Wall Bridge Cabinets 30 and 36"
Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinet
Pantry Cabinets
Vanity Sink Cabinets

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All glass doors come clear with beveled edges.