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Honey Shaker Cabinets

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Often referred to as the heart-of-home, the kitchen is a place of multi-uses. It is where food is prepared and cooked and, depending on its size, can be used to eat and entertain guests. Technology is fast advancing, and so is the design and efficiency of kitchens.
The light and beautiful honey shaker cabinets, made from sturdy maple wood, bring a tone of fresh and hospitable environment in the kitchen creating a delightful open-effect even in small spaces. Our cabinets are simple, functional and features classic design and craftmansanship that enables them to blend well with the rest of the kitchen décor. From the flat paneled doors with rail frames to utilitarian designs and sturdy construction with high quality, durable local American woods, our shaker kitchen cabinets are left with nothing but a fine finish with a light airy feel that majority of homeowners seek.
With our cabinets, kitchen beauty goes beyond veneer-deep. Our wood tones are honey colored and are paired with more traditional hardware lending the cabinets a modern look, yet still make them function well in more traditional kitchens. A less frequent cleaning and gentle dusting is enough to give a range of transitional appeal for contemporary tastes and a feel of romantic mystique to your kitchen space. The shaker style of our kitchen cabinets “never shouts, never invades, never intrudes, “look at me!” This characteristic has made them the perfect fit for any kitchen style.
Whether you are upgrading and remodeling your modern kitchen or renovating an old one, the Honey Shakers cabinet is just the right style for you. Ranging from its warmth, durability, functionality and simplicity to its solid craftmansanship and elegant design, these cabinets are perfectly engineered to add just the finishing touch your kitchen needs

*All maple wood 3/4th doors (MDF center panel), drawers, and frames
*5/8" A grade plywood box construction
*Same finish interior & exterior
*Dove tail, all wood full extension drawers
*CAM lock assemble system
*Full depth 5/8" thick wall & base shelves
*Concealed 6 way adjustable hinges
*Under-mount soft close drawer slides
*Roll out trays for base cabinets are available

Base Cabinets 9 to 21" 
Base Corner Lazy Susan Cabinet 33 to 36"
Drawer Base Cabinets 9 to 30"
Wall Cabinets 9 to 21"
Wall Cabinets 24 to 36"
Wall Bridge Cabinets 30 and 36"
Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinet
Pantry Cabinets
Vanity Sink Cabinets



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All glass doors come clear with a beveled edges.