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Vintage Merlot Cabinets

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For most people, the kitchen is the center of their home, and the idea of quality, usable, and practical kitchen cabinets are a big part of that delightful feeling that so many property owners desire when it comes to their kitchen décor. Vintage merlot cabinets are an inspiring addition to any kitchen layout. Subtle design is achieved with simple lines and unique etchings. 
Warm and decorative, vintage merlot cabinets adds elegance to traditional style. The cabinets awaken a quiet passion and a desire for sturdy, reliable structure that is the height of quality, and sustainable beauty. Most vintage merlot cabinets include an all-natural interior with dark rich maple wood, which suits this type of cabinet design perfectly. Solid wood with straight edges, delicate incisions near the crest, and a sophisticated crisscross patterned storage section in front, makes these vintage merlot cabinets a valuable addition to any kitchen. 
Manufactured to surpass industry standards, these vintage style cabinets are designed to last a lifetime. Impeccable style, intelligent storage solutions, exceptional craftsmanship, and the semi-custom approach allows any homeowner create the beautiful kitchen they’ve always wanted. 
If you are thinking about adding panache and originality to your kitchen décor, vintage merlot cabinets will certain fulfill your vision. They don’t have the fancy trimmings like fiberglass handles and shabby-chic effects, but these cabinets will never go out of style. The timeless and valiant style is simple, yet the design adds the right amount of modernism without making your kitchen furnishings appear too calculated or stuffy. 
Vintage merlot cabinets give kitchens the quality and style and the essential elements that benefit a well-organized space. These cabinets are great style that never fades away coupled with superb value. With the richness and sophistication of classic loveliness and ageless conservative lines and etchings, your kitchen is sure to stand out from the rest. If anything, these vintage merlot cabinets will enhance the value of your home, increase your enjoyment of the meals cooked in your kitchen, and stand the test of time.

*All maple wood 3/4th doors, drawers, and frames
*5/8" A grade plywood box construction
*Same finish interior & exterior
*Dove tail, all wood full extension drawers
*CAM lock assemble system
*Full depth 5/8" thick wall & base shelves
*Concealed 6 way adjustable hinges
*Under-mount soft close drawer slides (vanities come sidemount regual glid)
*Roll out trays for base cabinets are available


Base Cabinets 9 to 21" 
Base Corner Lazy Susan Cabinet 33 to 36"
Drawer Base Cabinets 9 to 30"
Wall Cabinets 9 to 21"
Wall Cabinets 24 to 36"
Wall Bridge Cabinets 30 and 36"
Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinet
Pantry Cabinets
Vanity Sink Cabinets

 Use the Tabs below to select cabinet sizes you need and add them to your shopping cart 

All glass doors come clear with a beveled edges.